A modern tradition of rug making

Timeless with a twist

Even after over 45 years of making wool rugs, we still find endless inspiration in the raw material itself. Our unique designs draw upon the past whilst looking to the future resulting in a collection that spans classic and traditional, contemporary and trend led – yet always timeless.


Passionate about the details

Because even the smallest detail can make a great difference to the authentic look and feel of a piece, every Agnella rug is carefully finished by hand in our own factory. Only once has it been perfected here is it ready to adorn your home.

Nature’s finest wool

New Zealand’s incredible landscape is home to more sheep than people  and it is from here that we source much of our wool. Delicate and incredibly soft, versatile and resilient, this superior wool’s unique characteristics make it the ultimate yarn from which to craft our high detailed rug creations.


A world of possibility

Our designers’ limitless creative vision and finely honed expertise in working with wool turns even the most fantastical and intricate designs into a reality.