Wool rug – a complement to the classic style of an interior

The classic style of interiors is characterised, above all, by harmony and elegance. In this type of interior, everything has its place and nothing is left to chance. And although the classic style can be both ‘conservative’ and modern, it will be timeless in every form. So what are the characteristics of interior balance and what can it not lack?


Classic style – a true gem of interior décor


The special feature of the classic style is, of course, the wall moulding. Its decorative character makes it possible for decors to be both an interesting transition between wall and ceiling, a rosette supplementing a chandelier and a completely separate touch, replacing a picture frame or creating a background for a couch in a lounge area.


In classic interiors we cannot forget about restrained colours – white and beige should dominate on the walls and brown and grey should be the base colour for the furniture. Slightly bolder shades can be used for textile accessories. Cushions in bottle green or pale pink, as well as navy blue curtains, will bring a cosy boost to harmonious designs.


As you can see, interior classics are mainly balanced and colour-consistent designs. However, do not forget about accessories, which will ensure the individuality and cosiness of traditional spaces. Conical lampshades in copper shades, brass candlesticks, mirrors and paintings in ornate frames, as well as black and white photographs, will be perfect here. It is worth mentioning that a rug is also a must-have in classic living rooms, bedrooms and offices. What kind of rug?

Classic and a wool rug – an inseparable duo


There are materials that simply have to be included in classic décor. Wool is one of them, practical on the one hand, and interesting in design on the other. Its functionality and great appearance are best reflected, of course, in a rug that will bring a breath of softness and warmth to a harmonious interior. Our classic proposals are mainly ornamental floor decorations, such as the copper or alabaster DAMORE pattern, AWERA alabaster model, GODAR heather pattern or the cream SAPRI rug, all from the Calisia collection.


Those who appreciate a bit more restrained design will surely notice the potential of the wool TODOR rug from the Calisia M collection, whose characteristic paisley motif, also known as Turkish pepper, will enrich the décor classics referencing the Middle East, while the subtle and extremely elegant KLARO model from the Galaxy collection will complement luxury interiors.


Classic interiors, despite the fact that they are extremely subdued, can be a harmonious and cosy way to arrange a living space. Do not forget to use the potential of moulding, subdued colours, a sensible choice of accessories and, of course, a wool rug.