Who designs our rugs?

We always emphasise that the Agnella brand is created by people. The Design Department, which has been comprised of ambitious designers from the very beginning, is responsible for the beauty of our rugs to a great extent. The unique feature of this team is their skill to combine experience with an entirely new approach. Our specialists are also experts at blending the latest trends and qualities of timelessness appreciated by our clients. Today we have the honour to present to you the women who design our products.


Design foundations of Agnella


Every success is based on solid foundations – we are proud of the exceptional pillars of our Design Department. Undoubtedly we should start the list of our designers with Danuta Makarska and Teresa Tomczuk, who have been connected with the Agnella brand since the very beginning. Our most experienced visionaries graduated from the Artur Grottger Secondary School of Fine Arts in Supraśl, and started their design adventure by manually creating designs on paper, which was a very long and labour-intensive process.


For Danuta, designing rugs is a challenge which allows her to succeed professionally on the professional arena, while for Teresa it is a way in which she may breathe the uniqueness of the surrounding world into everyday objects. Many design classics created over the years by both of them have become permanent parts of our collection, gaining the status of best-selling rugs.


Danuta Makarska i Teresa Tomczuk


Obviousness rediscovered


Agnieszka Miller has been working in the design team since 2017. She started her professional adventure at Agnella with a remarkable achievement – within less than one year from having joined the Design Department, the Soft rug collection co-created by Agnieszka won the title of Finalist in the “Good Design” (“Dobry Wzór”) Competition, one of the oldest Polish competitions of this type. This great distinction as well as other successes with rugs are certainly not a coincidence. In all her works Agnieszka, the graduate of the Interior Design faculty at the Białystok University of Technology, is committed to rediscovering those obvious things surrounding her hitherto unseen.


So come on, paint my rug


We may say that Hejk and Witu rugs reflect the richness of Agnieszka Wojtal’s soul, a natural born designer who this year will celebrate fifteen years of cooperation with the Agnella brand. Both designs, which form the compositions of the above rug models, are from the original drawings of our designer, who may be proud of versatile specialist education starting at the High School of Fine Arts in Częstochowa and more recently as of today with postgraduate studies at the Graphic Design faculty at Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań.


Agnieszka Miller i Agnieszka Wojtal


Minimalism rooted in the cultural heritage of the whole world


Małgorzata Rusińska, like Agnieszka Wojtal, joined the Agnella team more than fifteen years ago. Although her work is based to a great extent on large-format projects, such as hotels or restaurants, her designs may also be enjoyed on rugs. Małgosia is the personification of functionalism and minimalism, although you can also see in her works a passion for the richness of cultures from around the world, diversity she has explored during numerous journeys. She owes her knowledge to her own determination and having graduated from prestigious educational institutions, such as the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Warsaw.


Rug and people


Dorota Banaszek has been designing for twenty-four years, implementing mainly commercial projects, such as hotels and restaurants. She has been cooperating with the Agnella brand for sixteen years. She draws inspiration for her rug art from observing people. The proof that people inspire Dorota to create enthralling floor decorations is the Settlement (Osada) model, which in 2014 was awarded in the “Must Have” plebiscite, rewarding the best Polish implementations from Polish designers and manufacturers.


Dorota Banaszek i Małgorzata Rusińska


Combination of multi-dimensionality, graphical purity and light


Beata Palikot-Borowska joined the team of our designers in 2010, contributing to it the richness of projects inspired by the hustle of urban corners from around the world. Her predilection is reflected in the collection of Festival rugs created by Beata, the beauty of which beauty results from observations of traditional handicraft techniques and twentieth-century art. She is an exceptionally colourful figure in our Design Department, committed not only to creating thrilling projects of woollen rugs, but also to artistic fabrics, painting and sport.


Originality of everyday life


Dominika Romaniuk is a graduate of the Interior Design faculty at the Białystok University of Technology, who in each aspect of life looks for exhilarating solutions which will allow their transfer into rug projects. She joined the team relatively recently, in 2019, and, while exploring the secrets of our company, she pays particular attention to a dual approach to each project, based primarily on anticipating the client’s expectations but also on the designer’s vision.


As described, a special feature of our Design Department is the design diversity of its members. It is thanks to this fascinating mixture of experience, inspiration and artistic passion that we can surprise you with our innovative design ideas.


Beata Palikot-Borowska i Dominika Romaniuk