Natural wonder

Comfort for the senses

Wool is a natural material of many talents. Soft yet strong, cooling in the heat of summer and warming in winter.  It also provides excellent sound absorption, whilst its versatility makes it ideal for use throughout the home. The result is a heightened sense of wellbeing and comfort from the floor up.

A breath of fresh air for your home

Welcome wool into your home and you’ll soon discover its amazing everyday benefits. A wool rug attracts dust and holds it to the surface helping the air in your home feel fresher.  It also regulates a room’s humidity and has a low pH value, preventing mould, fungi and mites. Whether in the city or countryside, a hot or cold climate, every home can experience the wonder of wool.

The human touch

Though modern technology makes rug designs increasingly intricate, our commitment to the human touch remains. At the beginning of its journey, we handpick only the highest quality wool. At the end of the production process, a rug is only considered complete once it is finished by hand.

As nature intended

Our collections using undyed wool offer even greater peace of mind, being completely biodegradable and using significantly less water and electricity than other types of yarn during its manufacture.

Where does our wool come from?

New Zealand

The fine and delicate nature of New Zealand wool yarn enables our looms to weave elaborate, highly detailed patterns with a very high density per metre. This yarn is mainly used in rugs made with Wilton weaving technology, a traditional technique.

The British Isles

Thicker in texture and highly durable, British wool yarn is most often used for tufted rugs using the Axminster method. Rugs made this way are ideal for hotels and other spaces with a high level of footfall and can last for over 20 years.

Style is eternal

A blend of timeless design, the finest wool and craftsmanship ensures that an Agnella rug bought today will keep its original form, colour and beauty for years to come.