The fine art of design

Step behind the scenes of our in-house Design Studio and you’ll discover a team of talented, trailblazing creatives bringing a new dimension to the ancient art of rug design.

Thinking outside the box

The challenge to create something new and truly original using an age-old material is one that our designers relish. The natural beauty and capability of wool itself provides a trove of inspiration, encouraging us to explore new possibilities and techniques and to continually push the boundaries of modern-day rug design

Bringing colour to life

Our designers are skilled in transforming the blank canvas of natural wool into a colour palette full of life. For each piece, a designer devotes a great deal of time and attention to choosing the shades of the yarns of their creation. What’s more, because all the yarn we use is produced and dyed by us, they have the freedom to create unique hues and complete control over the end result.