Wool rug – happy sheep!

Wool rugs are famous for their durability and resistance to dirt, plus they also have hypoallergenic properties and can form an excellent acoustic and thermal insulator. It is also known that the purchase of a wool rug is an environmentally-friendly choice due to the biodegradability and reusability of the resources. However, many people wonder about the ethics of obtaining natural fibre from cute animals carelessly grazing in the meadows. So we want to reassure you – because a wool rug means happy sheep!


A well-groomed sheep gives high-quality wool


The quality of the wool we obtain for production purposes is not a coincidence. At Agnella, we attach great importance to how the sheep live. To ensure the highest quality of raw material and guarantee good conditions for our wool-covered friends, we choose to use breeders from New Zealand, who put the sheep’s welfare first.


This gives us confidence that wool is obtained without unsettling these animals which are so valuable to us, with suitable care given to their living conditions. A key issue for farmers is being able to adapt to changing environmental conditions through sustainable agricultural practices and being open to the nature-friendly optimisation of their farms. Farmers in New Zealand not only ensure that their sheep have access to proper food and clean water, but also take into account those factors which have a direct impact on their health.


And while we are talking about health, we should emphasize that the well-being of sheep in the vast landscapes of New Zealand also includes their regular shearing.



Sheep “at the barber shop”


Sheep wool never stops growing, so it is necessary to shear them at least once a year. In spite of appearances, it does not make a special impression on the animals and does not stress them even slightly. Most importantly, this process causes them no pain at all. The sheep remain calm primarily because the breeders we use for the production of our rugs embrace the constantly developing fleece collection technology, shearing their animals according to the latest knowledge and using state-of-the-art equipment.


We should also mention that the farmers who provide us with natural wool fibres rely not only on their own knowledge and experience, but also keep on developing their working techniques, expanding their range of farm equipment, and above all benefiting from the numerous studies carried out by institutions with specialists in the field of wool shearing and processing.


We care about the happiness of the sheep as much as we do about upholding our nearly fifty-year tradition of creating wool rug masterpieces. Thanks to our wool suppliers in New Zealand, we can still pursue our passion of embellishing your living rooms, bedrooms and offices every day. Meet our unique products: the geometric HUVER pattern from the Calisia M collection, the EDDIE rug from the Calisia collection, combining classic with modernity, and the structural PHACTRA from the Galaxy collection utilising the extremely fashionable Moroccan clover motif.


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