How to choose the right rug size for your living room?

Rugs make our interiors look warmer and at the same time they serve as sound and thermal insulation. Many of us do not like to wake up and get up early, but these moments can become more pleasant if our feet touch soft fabric instead of cold panels. If we want a rug to become an integral part of the flat, we should keep in mind not only how it looks; it is also important that the size of the rug corresponds to the other elements of the interior.


“Tailored” rug


The most important thing while choosing a rug size is the room dimensions and the distance to the walls because the rug should be placed more or less 1.5 m away from them. It is worth thinking about the specific furniture set that we have or we are planning to purchase, to take into account its dimensions and how its elements are situated in the space. These rules are a sort of starting point from which we can set about searching for an ideal decoration for our floor.


Choosing a rug that perfectly suits our living room will be easier if we mark the desired size of the rug using paper tape. Sticking it on the floor will allow us to precisely customize “the fifth wall” to the room, considering its location with respect to e.g. the living room set. Keeping in mind the functionality but also the aesthetics and a certain regularity in the interior, defining the rug area should be based upon a defined distance, i.e. the width of the rug should be about 15 cm longer than each side of the sofa and a distance of 1.5 m should be kept from the furniture.


Do not forget about the rug orientation – we need to remember that its shape and size should match the form and the size of the living room. Its task is to bring out the potential of the designed interior through making the space optically larger and maintaining coherence. We can use the living room space as an example one more time: the longer side of the rectangular rug should go along the sofa, just like with the striped model.


Living rooms in our houses and flats are usually large; standard sizes of rugs, such as the popular 200×300 cm or slightly bigger 300×400 cm will work there perfectly. In our offer you can also find sizes that are not so common, such as 230×340 cm or 170×240 cm. This variety not only provides us a wide range of possibilities but also increases the probability of purchasing the rug of our dreams in the right size.


Although “large-format” rugs will work well in spacious living rooms, floor decorations for bedrooms or halls are usually smaller. In the case of a bedroom, the best options are 120×180 cm and 133×190 cm rugs. Models in the 80×160 cm size will suit interconnecting rooms, where rugs serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

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What to look for when choosing a rug?


A broad variety of available sizes will surely make it easier to choose the ideal rug to match the designed room in terms of its proper size and a unique design. In our offer you can find models that will complete the floor of a classical living room, a typical bedroom or a traditional hall, as well as patterns that will create a fairytale atmosphere in a children’s room. Our patterns perfectly complement minimalistic and Scandinavian interiors, as well as lofts or boho designs.


In spite of appearances, choosing the perfect rug is not a decision that should be made without prior preparation. Before the purchase, we should carefully measure the dimensions of the designed interior and the furniture in it. Stating our expectations towards the design of the rug we are dreaming of is also of great importance. Thanks to this, making the choice will be easier and faster as well as sparing ourselves unnecessary stress.


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