Eco carpets

Natural rugs and carpets is Agnella’s new, ecological collection made entirely of undyed 100% natural wool. The colour palette consists of 8 natural shades. The specific character of the collection arises mainly from eliminating the dyeing process.

Natural rugs and carpets are products made of natural raw materials, created using energy-saving technologies and free from harmful substances. Natural collection owes its ecological character particularly to eliminating the process of dyeing. The palette of used colours consists of natural shades obtained by mixing fibres in natural colours. Other benefits connected with eliminating the dyeing process that create significant savings in the production process are, among others:

  • Decreasing the amount of sewage by about 75%/m2
  • Decreasing water consumption by 50%/m2
  • Decreasing electricity consumption by about 35%/m2

Ready Natural products are 100% recyclable. After defibration they can be used in the production of new products, e.g. heat-insulating panels in construction. Similarly, the waste from the technological process makes valuable raw material that can be processed again.

Natural collection is an answer to the growing popularity of natural raw materials and colours in pattern-designing and internal design. The subdued colour palette dominated by beige, grey, ivory and various shades of brown is a proposal consistent with current world trends. Carefully selected patterns refer to the world of nature and ethnic motifs. All designs are creations of the Carpet Factory Agnella’s design team headed by prof. Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak.

Agnella, the largest producer of rugs and carpets in Poland, puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring that both the products and the process of production are environmentally-friendly. Natural collection (similarly to other Agnella products) has appropriate quality marks confirming their safety for the users and the natural environment.