A rug at home – how do we choose a rug for the bedroom?

Wool rugs have become a permanent feature of many arrangements. These decorative elements for the floor are appreciated not only for their durability, but also for their attractive designs that emphasizes the character of any interior. While choosing one it is worth considering a number of factors, such as: the individual preferences of those using the home space, the prevailing style of the interior, matching the colours and pile height. The last aspect is especially important in sleeping areas. Which rug should we choose for a private rest area?


Which rugs are suitable for the bedroom?


The proverbial “fifth wall”, also known as the floor, should feature a rug not just for aesthetic but, above all, for practical reasons, especially if it is the bedroom. Stylish modern rugs, made from the fleece of a sheep, warm the rooms, soundproof them and provide the necessary thermal insulation, ensuring comfort for our bare feet.


Naturally, the material is what determines the quality of the bedroom flooring. Why is a wool rug the best choice? Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because the fleece of a sheep helps maintain appropriate levels of humidity in the room. Wool not only absorbs excess moisture, but also releases it when the air becomes too dry. This exceptional property guarantees healthy sleep.


As we have already mentioned, the key to choosing a rug includes our taste and the style of the interior. If we prefer a classic bedroom atmosphere, we should opt for something conservative and subdued, such as the sand CAMILLA rug from the Angus collection, with worn ornamentation, or the light grey FRANCIS pattern from the same collection.


However, if we have arranged our bedroom in a modern style, a good choice is the original EDMUND pattern from the Agnus collection and the luxurious KLARO rug from the Galaxy collection in white. The colour of the rug is one of the most important features that immediately attract our attention.



Bedroom rug colour


When choosing a rug for the bedroom, it is a good idea to consider which colour will best match our design. A rug can be both a perfect accent, contrasting with the colour scheme in the room, or an element that connects the colours. Our range includes a whole spectrum of colours and patterns: extravagant styles for the bold, and subdued for anyone who prefers more traditional solutions. What about the DELLO from the Calisia M collection on an alabaster background, the emerald DAMORE from the Calisia collection or the DEAN pattern, reminiscent of the blue of a stormy sky?


How can we arrange a bedroom? You need to put your heart into this, as one of the key rooms in the house, in a way that reflects your taste and allows you to enjoy your time there. Consider following the current trends, which are a great inspiration for many of us. At the same time, don’t forget about that essential thing – choosing a rug made of wool.