Rug at home – how you can choose a rug for a child’s room?

The power of colour, lively stamping of little feet, lots of toys and untamed imagination, but also stains and surprises such as plasticine on the floor. So is it worth investing in a rug for a child’s room? Of course it is, and the best way to elevate this space will be with a wool rug! What should you take into account when choosing it and how can you create a safe and fashionable setting for our youngest?


Choosing rugs for the child’s room


A universal proposal for a child’s room is, of course, classic grey, the quintessence of which is: a finely ornamented FRANCIS rug from the Agnus collection, a modern CASO from the Noble collection, a minimalist design with an exotic motif of a Moroccan clover on the PHACTRA rug from the Galaxy collection or an equally decorative WALTO rug from the Noble collection.


Many parents, however, opt for decorations that at first glance give an indication of who is the resident of the room. The perfect rug for a boy’s room will be the one in shades of blue. How about the elegant EDDIE from the Calisia collection or the navy DEAN from the same collection? An interesting choice is also the striking, but at the same time toned down HUVER rug from the Calisia M collection.


When it comes to the perfect rug for a girl’s room, in addition to pink decorations, it is worth considering brightening up the space with white, for example with the ALULALA pattern from the Galaxy collection or the alabaster FAM rug from the Calisia M collection, whose high pile will be a fantastic, soft and pleasant place to play.


Wool rug in a child’s room? Why not!


How do you decorate a child’s room? Many parents prefer economical solutions that won’t be a shame to part with when they become damaged or stained. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that some furnishings, such as furniture that grows with the child, can serve us for years.


A woollen rug must be added to this list, as it will contribute not only to creating a cosy interior design, but above all will take care of the functionality of the space created with the little man in mind. Such a children’s rug stands out for its softness, which will allow them to play freely on the floor, but is also thermal insulation, and a great alternative to cold, hard panels. Woollen fabric on the floor also provides great sound insulation, which in turn muffles the sounds of falling blocks and car races.


It is impossible not to notice that a woollen “fifth wall” is a universal product, but above all, a very durable one that is not afraid of stains from biscuits or plasticine trampled into its surface. This fact is, for many parents, a key argument encouraging them to purchase wool pile rugs.


As you can see, the woollen rugs by Agnella are an excellent proposal, which thanks to their wide range of patterns and colours, and above all, high quality of workmanship, will complement the décor of an interior for both a toddler and older, growing children.