Agnella in Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź

The organizers of one of the most important design festival in Poland – Łódź Design Festival – invited the Agnella brand to cooperate in a prestigious artistic project. As part of our cooperation, we have woven 7 unique masks designed by Jamie Hayon, one of the most famous contemporary Spanish designers.


“The concept of the installation lies in creating a range of masks, faces, inspired by graphics and very personal, tridimensional universe of colours, lines and motives. It is a journey on the surface, which has an effect on the form.”
Jaime Hayon


The Spanish artists decided to put all the masks together, close to one another, in one room. This way, within the space of the exhibition, they can look at a visitor from all sides—each with a different, colourful expression: a vivid smile, multicoloured fear, puzzlement. Some people will find (and rightly so) the sources of inspiration from various cultures, and Mesopotamian, Mexican, Roman and Mediterranean influences. The traces of inspiration which make them unique.


With his installation, Hayon wants to pay a special, based on his unique vision, tribute. The way the masks took their form is also very specific. Using the unique experience of the Agnella staff from Białystok, the partner of the exhibition, whose history of working with wool traces back to the mid-1970s, Hayon decided to use wool yarn to make his newest objects.


The unusual shape of each mask required individual finishing, e.g. manual, very precise cutting. Moreover, the masks have been presented in a colour range unusual in terms of the everyday work of the company—that is why a part of the yarn has been specially coloured for the installation.


The representatives of Agnella highlight that, apart from the fact they are a big manufacturer which handles mechanical weaving, the human factor was the most crucial one when creating “MASQUEMASK INSTALLATION”. The preparation of the project included no less than five company designers. As a result, after 80 hours of work, 50 hours of work of finishing room team, 130 km of wool yarn 14 unique and impressive masks were created.


Source: http://www.lodzdesign.com/

Main picture: Aleksandra Pawłowska