A Royal delivery

On 15 October of this year a truly royal delivery left the Carpet Factory Agnella. The valuable delivery consists of royal carpets prepared in various patterns, shapes, sizes and colours.

Agnella, the biggest producer of carpets in Poland, has created an amazing collection of Polish Royal Carpets. Reaching back to the Old Polish tradition, Agnella offers a collection of eighteen rugs, whose design is based on the ornamentation of authentic Persian rugs from the 17th century.

This exclusive collection has been made entirely of the highest quality wool using the latest available technologies. That is why the Carpets are characterised by exceptional utility properties and ensure truly royal comfort.

All rugs from this collection refer to old oriental patterns, which came to Poland from faraway Persia in the age of Baroque. Oriental splendour enchanted the powerful people of that time all around the world, including Polish sovereigns and aristocracy. The rugs were ordered for the courts of Sigismund III Vasa, John III Sobieski after the victory in Vienna, as well as by magnates, such as the family of Czartoryski and wealthy nobility, who were copying the decor of royal apartments in their own manors. The fashion that arose at that time made art historians call those masterpieces of old weaving Polish Carpets until this day.

Around 60 original pieces of the so-called tapis polonaises survived to our times. They grace museum collections in Poland and around the world. They are priceless masterpieces and Polish Royal Carpets refer to their unique decorative style.

Each oriental rug is a well-thought-of, individual composition. In the past they were made of silk, embroidered with gilded and silver-gilt thread to create the impression of gradation of tones the makers of the royal collection have tried to achieve this effect. Prepared rugs are characterised by floral motifs and consequent observance of the rules of symmetry. Recurring elements of ornamentation are: arabesque twigs, palmettes, rosettes, tschi cloud ribbons and flowers. The rugs from the royal collection will decorate any room, they will perfectly complement interiors inspired by the Far East or furnished with antiques.

Additional information:
Agnella products have the following quality marks:
– The GuT Label,
– The International Woolmark Trademark,
– The Wools of New Zealand Trademark,
– The British Wool Mark.