A new carpet in the Presidential Palace

The Carpet Factory Agnella has carried out an exclusive order a carpet for the Column Hall of the Presidential Palace. The Column Hall is a place of national ceremonies and diplomatic meetings. The woollen fabric measuring almost 185 m2, designed by a team headed by prof. Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak, has been carefully adjusted to the character of the interior.

The key phase in the realisation of the prestigious order and the main task of the team of Agnella designers was designing a carpet matching the style and colour scheme of the Column Hall and emphasising the representative role of this place.

The green-blue shade of the carpet background matching the colour of the columns has been obtained by dying the yarn with a colour outside Agnella’s standard colour palette. The patterns and the border in shades of gold, cream and brown match the stucco work decorating the walls and the ceiling. The scale of the Column Hall and its classical architecture demanded calm, symmetrical patterns, so the main part of the carpet is decorated only with small, regularly spaced, stylised stars. In the centre of the carpet, right beneath an enormous candelabrum illuminating the room, there is a decorative, round rosette. The whole composition is enclosed by a border composed of several strips with small decorative motifs.

The work of the design team, consultations and preparation of colour samples lasted for 3 months. The final version of the product was personally approved by the First Lady, Maria Kaczyńska.

The carpet has been woven in Axminster technology, using 400 kg of yarn. The process of weaving took a week. Ready carpet panels were first put together in Białystok for a test and then delivered to Warszawa, where the assembly team laid them down in the Column Hall. The first official meetings on the new carpet took place on Tuesday, 20 January. At noon the President gave judicial nominations and in the evening of the same day ambassadors arrived for a formal meeting with the President of Poland and his wife.
Prof. Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak says: ‘Everyone, from the designers to the weavers, has put a massive amount of precise work into this project. The hardest part was preparing a suitable design, although we have a lot of experience in large-size works done for hotels or casinos. The carpet for the Column Hall required individual approach and completely different rules in creating the pattern. Normally, in case of such enormous rooms, the scale of the pattern is adjusted to their size, but here the most important thing proved to be the perspective from which the carpet is seen by the people standing on it.

Technical parameters of the carpet for the Column Hall
Size – 11.77 m x 15.67 m
Height of nap – 7.5 mm
Number of knots per 1 m2 – 97,700
Number of points per 1 m2 – 195,400
Number of points in the whole carpet – 1,844,359
Width of border – 0.8 m
Diameter of the central rosette – 2.6 m

Additional information
The Carpet Factory Agnella is the biggest and the most modern producer of rugs and carpets in Poland. It produces about 2 million m2 of carpet products a year, which constitutes over 65% of the whole national production. Moreover, it exports over a half of its production, mainly to Great Britain, the USA, the European Union, East-European countries and to the Near East. The factory provides carpets for facilities all over the world, such as the chains of Starwood and Marriott hotels, office buildings or Las Vegas casinos.
Agnella, as one of the members of the International Association for Environmentally-friendly Carpets GuT carefully analyses its products as regards their safety for the users health and the natural environment. Agnella products have the following quality marks: the GuT Label, the International Woolmark Trademark, the Wools of New Zealand Trademark and the British Wool Mark.
Axminster is a machine technology of producing rugs and carpets known for over 200 years. It is the first technology to imitate knotting by hand. The name comes from the city where it was used for the first time. Axminster is characterised by the use of extremely durable raw material, that is woollen yarn specially imported from England. The method enables to produce comfortable carpet products that are exceptionally wear-resistant. With Axminster technology you can use a 16-colour palette of yarn colours.
Border (fr. bordure) – a decorative strip, usually with ornaments or floral elements, edging a piece of textile or dress, closing an artistic, painted or graphic composition, framing a relief or an element of an edifice.