Rug maintenance and cleaning

Rug maintenance and cleaning


Proper vacuuming is a key element in the preservation for both woollen and synthetic fibre rugs. For regular cleaning of rugs with cut fleece, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner or beat with a rug beater. Products with cut and sheared pile cover exhibit the phenomenon of loose fibres coming out of the usable surface, worrying buyers, especially in the initial period of use. This is a characteristic feature of cut fleece products. Only a small percentage of the fleece mass undergoes this phenomenon. To reduce the period of ‘dusting’, it is recommended from the beginning of use – that frequent and careful vacuuming of the rug with a vacuum cleaner is performed. Also, the phenomenon of different shades occurring in products with cut fleece, new as well as used, is not an imperfection that reduces their quality, but an illusion. The pile cover is laid in different directions (through trampling, vacuuming), and the incidental light makes it look like it has brighter and darker shades.

Removal of stains and dirt

The basic principle is immediate action, which determines the effectiveness of removing dirt or stains. Liquids spilled onto the rug should be quickly absorbed by using tissue paper or a cloth, while other dirt should be removed gently with a knife or spoon. Stains should always be cleaned from the edge towards the centre. Do not rub the stain, friction increases the stain and distorts the fleece. Use a small amount of cleaning agent at once to avoid getting the rug wet. To avoid the formation of streaks, the contours of the stain should be sprinkled with talcum powder or potato flour. In the case of mud stains, first wait until they dry and then vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.

Wet cleaning

Only the shampooing method that protects the rug from getting thoroughly wet is allowed. It’s best to use the services of a professional rug cleaning company that uses proven products and methods. When refreshing a dirty rug at home, use commercially available products and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always vacuum the rug thoroughly before shampooing. The rug must not be soaked during the cleaning process. If shampooing is recommended, followed by the removal of greasy stains using appropriate solvents – after shampooing, the rug must be allowed to dry first. The wet product should be dried only in a horizontal position at room temperature.

Special recommendations

Do not allow heavy dirt to accumulate. Protect the rug from moisture and soaking. Avoid any creases and breaks. To remove stains, use commercial preparations after checking first that they do not damage fibres, cause staining, or will cause damage to the gluing on the underside of the rug, which will cause the backing of the rug to become loose.