A richly woven heritage

Fine wool rugs since 1975

Established in Poland in 1975, Agnella has become a world leader in wool rugs. Our commitment to design and innovation has seen us awarded with several industry and international accolades and we continue to strive for excellence.

Today the Agnella brand is part of the Brintons Carpets group, one of the largest producers of wool coverings in the world. Our wool rugs and carpets can found in properties from the Presidential Palace in Warsaw to the Guest Palace in Saudi Arabia, as well as luxury casinos and hotels across the globe.

A culture of craftsmanship

On its journey to a customer each rug passes through 60 pairs of experienced hands, beginning with selecting the highest quality raw wool and ending with the careful hand finishing of the piece. The exceptional quality of every rug that bears the Agnella name is testament to the team that created them.

It all begins with wool

A love of wool, its beauty and seemingly limitless capabilities as a floor covering is at the heart of our brand. Over the years we have come to know this fascinating material inside-out, amassing in-depth knowledge of each stage of wool processing from our own individually dyed yarns onwards.

Designs of the times

The archive of our Design Studio is an invaluable source of inspiration and houses over 10,000 designs. The oldest of these patterns, created 40 years ago were drawn freehand on large-format sheets of paper and precisely filled. Today our designs are created using the latest digital technologies, but what has remained constant since 1975 is the imagination, creativity and talent behind each one.

Empowering a new generation

Weaving has long been used as a way of chronicling traditions, everyday life and significant events and at Agnella we are dedicated to seeking out the next generation’s storytellers. Our close collaborations with local young artists and students have resulted in the creation of some highly original and thought-provoking pieces, such as this folkloric-inspired contemporary design.

A colourful history

We continue to draw inspiration from the rich and layered history of rugs, recreating a number of the spectacularly ornate ‘Kobierce Królewskie’ baroque rugs from Warsaw’s famous Royal Castle Collection, enabling people everywhere to enjoy the beauty of these magnificent and iconic designs in their own home.