Teresa Tomczuk

Teresa Tomczuk graduated from the Artur Grottger’s Secondary School of Fine Arts in Supraśl and has been associated with Agnella from the beginning of the company’s activity, i.e. from 1975, creating the first foundations for the company’s design.


At the start of her career Teresa made patterns on paper manually, long before designs were created on a computer and the work had to be done manually from start to finish.


The collages were painted, drawn or glued. The designs were then drawn and the colors were applied to the sheet where each grid corresponded to a single thread on the loom. Despite the fact that it was a time-consuming and tedious task (some complicated patterns in the size of 300x400cm could take up to six months to draw), she produced beautiful classic patterns and many of them are still in production today and are best sellers.


Teresa is inspired by everything that surrounds us and the ability to use it for functional design. She likes to explore what plays in her soul – nature, animals and good music. She is a spontaneous, passionate person whose personality is reflected in the carpets she designs.