Dorota Banaszek

Dorota Banaszek is a graduate of the School of Artistic Fashion Design in Krakow and Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź, Dorota received a diploma with honors in the carpet and tapestry studio and was nominated for the award for the best diploma of 2003.


She has realised numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including insertion of the carpet and tapestry “Salles d’Anchina” in Douai, France, 5th Saint-Étienne; International Design Biennale in France, exhibition “Ecoles & Entreprises”; collective exhibition “Splendor Fabrics” at Zachęta – National Gallery of Art. Laureate of the international competition “Talente 2002” in Munich.


In 2014, Dorata’s Osada rug was awarded in the Must Have poll.


Dorota has been designing for 24 years and has worked with Agnella for 16 years. During this time she has completed over 500 commercial projects, including hotels, restaurants and other public utility spaces.


Projects that she is particularly proud of include: Bachleda Luxury hotel in Krakow (bachledaluysznehotel.pl); Royal Baltic Luxury Boutique hotel in Ustka (www.royal-baltic.pl); Mercure; Zakopane Kasprowy hotel (www.kasprowy.pl) and Romantic Palace in Turzno (www.palac-romantyczny.com)


She is inspired by the immediate surroundings, nature and people, especially children and their unloved curiosity, their ability to cross barriers and to see new meanings in everything.


Observation of the environment allows her to see more and open up to new ideas. She has a similar approach to projects, where both the abstract and the classical form must have some secret, and the penetration makes it not entirely obvious.


In the last few years, Dorota has been particularly interested in exploring the 3D structure, which opens up even more possibilities to her design work.