Dominika Romaniuk

Dominika Romaniuk is a graduate of Interior Architecture at the Białystok University of Technology.


During her studies, she learned the world of design not only from the viewpoint of design, but also from the perspective of an interior designer.  Through this experience, she understands that it is not always easy to find the perfect products that meet both the client’s expectations and the architect’s vision.


This dualistic view translates well into her work where she designs industrial design projects that fit in well with the market expectations.


Dominika’s greatest achievement to date is designing the Ice Berg stone heater for the MGK Stone Heating brand.


Dominika joined the Agnella team in July 2019 and has been exploring the secrets of carpet design ever since.  Inspired by everything that surrounds her, including photography, nature and everyday life, Dominika focuses on minimalism to bring originality to her work. 


She is passionate about travel and psychology.