Agnieszka Miller

Agnieszka Miller is a graduate of the Faculty of Bialystok University of Technology, majoring in Interior Design. In 2015, she was awarded the title of finalist in the Technotalenty Competition in the design category with a modular office toolbox design.


She has been working as part of the Agnella design team since 2017.


Agnieszka co-created the Soft collection which was awarded the title of Finalist in the Good Design competition in 2018. The following year in 2019, the Finalist title was awarded to two collections – Shape of Color and Summa Botanica which also featured designs by her authorship.


She draws inspiration from the environment, looks for design in things that are obvious at first glance, already discovered. She loves designing modern and children’s patterns, but is more and more boldly opening up to demanding classic patterns.


Outside of work, Agnieszka is fascinated by the culture and monuments of Japan.